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kanalizacija12The term "sewage" usually comes to mind when we think of gutters, septic tanks and waste water collectors. However, an important part of this network is the sewage infrastructure within the building itself. Irregular and sloppy execution of the sewage infrastructure is usually a missed investment. For that reason, out teams deal with it professionally.

Like all other installations (gas, electric, plumbing, ventilation, etc.) sewage installations are fitted with great expertise. Good sewer installation within the building will ensure a smooth distribution of waste waters from the object to the public sewage network.


Successful projects that are behind us are a guarantee that sewage system can be constructed professionally and that it will work with security and maximum efficiency. We only install materials from manufacturers that meet quality standards. We install drains inside and outside of objects. We also offer installation of plumbing which is functionally related to the sewerage infrastructure facility.